I chewed through another leash the other day.  Why don’t they get that I do not want to be trained to do what they want?  I’m the Murph and the world revolves around me!  Anyway, Dad went to Petsmart to buy a new leash and lo and behold – there was a whole rackful of my favorite piggies.

Farmload of Piggies

 We discovered these a few months ago, but then the supply had suddenly vanished and I thought I would be piggy-less forever.  Not so, now I have a whole farmload of plush piggies to destroy.  Yes, I will destroy them, but for some reason they seem to last longer than any other plush toys.  And I still enjoy them even if they are missing stuffing, or arms, or eyes.  Dad laughs cause it reminds him of an old pig joke that I might someday tell you.  For now, I will say that you start with a piggy by chewing off its eyes and pulling out all the stuffing in the head.

Piggy Destruction Step 1

Until then, here are my ratings on the piggies…

Plush Piggy Ratings

Fun Factor: 5

Reliability: 3.5

Family Annoyance: 3.0

Clean-Up Factor:  3.0