Well, I guess I haven’t had a piggy to destroy in a long time.  This one is not lasting as long as the others, although it is trying to.

The next step in pig destruction is to remove all the stuffing and the squeaker.  Trust me, this will annoy your parents, but they will think you are too cute to do anything about it.

Step two - remove all the stuffing

Once the stuffing has been removed, you can easily remove an arm or leg.  In the above example, I removed both arms.

 So this is a good time to tell the piggy joke.

A man is driving down a lesser traveled road through rural Pennsylvania when his car breaks down.  He gets out and starts walking back the road to an old farmhouse he saw a mile or two back.  When he gets there, its getting dark and the farm family is about ready to have dinner.  The farmer tells the man that he’ll be happy to help out after dinner and that the man should join his family for the meal.

They sit down at the table and the man looks to the end and there is this one legged pig sitting there waiting to be served.  The man asks about the pig and the farmer tells him, “That pig is a hero.  We had a fire here a few years ago and that pig woke the family up and dragged both kids out of the burning house.  That pig will always have a seat at my table.”

The man asked, “Is that how the pig lost three of its legs?  In the fire.”

To which the farmer responded, “Heck no son!  You can’t eat a hero pig like that all at once.”